Polka Dots & Flowers, Summer Has Begun

Polka Dots and Flowers

Polka Dots and Flowers

Polka Dots & Flowers


Polka Dots and Flowers

Polka Dots and Flowers

Polka Dots & Flowers
Outfit Details
Shoes: BCBG Thrifted
Skirt: Vintage Thrifted
Top: Old Navy
Bracelet: H&M
Can I just say that I was so excited to get organized yesterday! I figured out what to do with my jewelry, my headbands, I color coded my clothes, boxed all my shoes and took pictures of each of them..dusted..I mean it was definitely not like me, so I am not sure what I was running away from..but Husband sure was happy. I had about 3 bags of clothes to giveaway and it felt really good..maybe I just felt guilty for my impromptu Savers run on Saturday.

Anyway, the wind was in full affect today, so it is still a little chilly at night, but I am excited for summer! I have officially decided that I think adults should have summer break! I mean...don't you remember when you were young and you couldn't wait for summer...now it just comes...you are hot..and that is it...no more anticipation...something is lost...so what about pool parties every weekend, movie nights, road trips, and lots of popsicles...games, and just plain fun this summer...maybe if I think like this it will feel better, we shall see!

By the way, I found this skirt at Goodwill for a $1...I thought for sure it looked ridiculous..but a $1...so when photographer extraordinaire told me that she wanted today's theme to be a mix of patterns...I thought I would try it out! I like it!
P.S. I have decided to extend my giveaway...not really a specific reason other than I can...and Trashy Vintage is launching more items to their ebay store...and I am kinda of loving the tease of great finds to all! So The Giveaway is being EXTENDED...so GET ON IT! and thank you for all of your support...I need to come visit all of I have just had not time!!! GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED
 So for now here is my Trashy Vintage pick of the day!
Love this vintage 90d grunge revival dress! The orange and grey are so pretty!!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Florals </P></P>
<P><P>Everybody, Everywear


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