Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh Now, Hush That Fuss...

Bus Stop

Bus Stop

Bus Stop
Bus Stop

Vintage Top, Flared Pants

Bus Stop

 Bus Stop


Bus Stop
Outfit Details
Shoes: Seychelles Nordstroms Rack
Pants: NY & Company Thrifted
Belt: Desert Industries Thrifted
Blouse: Vintage Thrifted (Removed Shoulder Pads)
Necklace: Vintage Thrifted
Sunglasses: Michael Kors Marshalls
What should I do with all the shoulder pads I have collected? Haha I was thinking of throwing that out there cuz there has to be something cool I could do with them. They are all different colors and I just keep throwing them in the craft room when I remove them from all of these shirts! I really love these old blouses, they always fit me and I find them in such vibrant next time you go to a thrift store...just look for bright, shoulder paddy, blouses and you will be very happy :O)

These pants were waaaay to short when I got them so I got them lengthened at the swap meet, $5...I think I mentioned this before..but when you find pants that fit you and that you like, don't discount them if they are too short...they can be lenthened as long as there is like an inch of fabric behind. The seamstress can basically just add some material behind's pretty amazing..and has really changed my life...I always find myself buying a size up to get pants longer...and then they fit baggy...and let's face it..I got myself a booty and who wants to hide it under fabric...haha

I have had a really nice weekend, incredible workout, amazing thrifting finds for an upcoming photo shoot, and great friends and family fun on game night. Which by the way..I really need to start playing more games...I don't know any of them!!! we spent half the time reading the rules! lame right...ughh...the only game we really played growing up was monopoly and it lasted for like 2 weeks...we were pretty competitive.

So I was thinking I might extend the Trashy Vintage Giveaway, since I'm not sure if I am really good at letting people know it is even a week for a giveaway too short? I'm new at this so I wasn't sure...would love some advice...

Well here is my pick of the day from Trashy Vintage!

Pick of the Day

I am loving the colors in this maxi! and Bustier!!! 

Have a wonderful rest if your weekend!



  1. I think your new doo has inspired me to do something different. Looks so good.

  2. Don't extend it. Give me my prize now. :)

    I seriously love your hair, Shana, and it looks awesome with that bright blue!

    Everything Nonsense

  3. <3 the color of that top, I leave my shoulder pads in hahahaha

  4. Oh, wow. I am in love with this color on you. I'm so glad I found your blog! We're your newest followers. Can't wait to see what other gems you come up with!

    Hope you'll follow back!
    Ask the Duplex

  5. Love your makeup in this pic! Thanks for the tops on lengthening the pants ..great idea

  6. send the shoulder pads to me. i can add them to all my bras.
    great color and great tip about lengthening pants!

  7. I love the color of your top and your makeup looks so pretty.


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