Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fashionably Cold




Boots: Sorrels  Borrowed, Snow Pants: LandsEnd Borrowed, Sweater: Kohls, Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson Marshalls, Crazy Snowmachiners behind me: Arctic Man 2011 :O)

Well, one thing I learned is that no one cares about fashion when its 20 degrees...but I thought I would at least add some color to the mix! haha and what a perfect excuse to wear my sweater, dont' get to do that very often. Oh, and while I know I am new to this whole thing...ummm these boots are amazing...going 50 mph on hills and not one time were my feet cold....I wish I could describe how amazing it is up here...but I will just have to keep uploading pics. Some of these riders had Mohawks, and some had wigs on. Only a hand full of females out here so I was really trying to fit in. Husband's outfit is not as impressive...especially the thing on his head, his sunglasses pretty much saved him. I also learned that if you have your hair out for too long it will start to break..what? ughh...I really have enjoyed myself but I think I am ready for my bikini now.

Thank you to all who have been watching this ridiculousness. I promise I will have a much cuter outfit by Tuesday...PROMISE!...oh and I have not been a very good blogger friend either...mainly cuz everytime I try to respond to someone my laptop times out and crashes! Anyway, what I am trying to say is I am sorry, and I can't wait to visit everyone and check out their amazing outfits...that probably don't involve snow pants :O)

Happy Saturday!



  1. You're adorable, Shana! You make 20 below look veeery fashionable. ;) Can't wait to see ya in a couple weeks!

    Everything Nonsense

  2. You make the cold cool and chic! Love you!


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