Saturday, March 12, 2011

There's No I In TEAM, But This Coach Is Mine

DAy 24

Coach Bag Gift



Day 24

Before I begin talking about this lovely bag I first wanted to take a moment and send prayers to everyone who has been affected by the tsunami. My brother is a Marine, and recently embarked on a mission to Honshu to assist in relief and rescue. I am so proud of him and pray for his safety. I find myself scared to turn on the TV sometimes awaiting these types of disasters, so sad. ok...on a lighter note...

I just had to model this lovely bag, for I almost cried when I opened it up. I walked into my office and there on my chair was a big fat box all wrapped up in birthday paper. I thought perhaps it was a mistake...I mean my birthday is in January and it is March? hmmm so I grabbed the box and marched over to my amazing friend who shall remain nameless as I am not sure she would want her identity revealed ;O) I ripped open the paper and literally almost started crying. As you guys know I am definitely a thrifter..but that does not mean I do not love an amazing non-thrifted just means I don't have a whole lotta money and the money I do have usually goes towards bills...I have only owned 4 coach bags, and while they are not a GUCCI or Chanel, I find them to be so classic..or at least some of them. My first one was from the outlet mall and I loved it till it turned was cream before...haha then next one I got from my nameless friend..and now this one!!!THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIEND...I have known you for so long and you truly have become my family..I can't wait to meet your little one and share many more years together!!! I LOVE YOU!!! and I LOVE everything about this bag. The color, the shape, the fact that it is like luggage but still fits over my's like a messenger bag but still looks like a purse...uggghhhh you will definitely be seeing a lot of this purse this summer! 

Happy Saturday hope your weekend has started off nice...p.s....summer is coming...I am so excited!!


  1. a surprise Coach bag?! what an amazing about a great start to the day.

    My mom used to ONLY carry Coach bags so we kinda love them in my family ; )


  2. GORGEOUS bag!!! I love the bow!

  3. you look good :) and really great bag, i agree :D

  4. what the...i totally need that kind of friend!! hahaha! that is beyond awesome!! i love that bag, for realz it is so pretty and like you said, classic! it will never go out of style and that bow is to die for! perfection!


  5. I love this outfit.. the blue and yellow is amazing and looks beautiful on you!! and of course, your bag is the envy of all of us :)


  6. You look so lovely in yellow and bright blue! I love this on you!

    What an incredible gift. You have the best friends!

    My cousin is a Navy Seal stationed in Hawaii, and his wife and son were in Japan during the earthquake. Thankfully everyone is okay!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. wow. Now that is one SUPER sweet friend! What a surprise! I think it's great that your brother is helping out with the Tsunami (we're a military family). He is definitely needed over there right now and those Marines are well-trained! Blessings! -diane

  8. LOVE Coach...THAT is the ONE thing I spend money on. What a GREAT friend you have!


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