Monday, March 14, 2011

Introducing Thrifters Anonymous Weekly Link Up! Week 1


 Can you tell I am excited? haha YAY!!! I figured out how to do this linky now I just need you to participate! I am going to keep the link list under the Thrifters Anonymous Page but I thought a weekly link up would be nice too..and well let's face it..I like Pictures!!! So take a look below and link up! Link up any page where you have something thrifted, on sale, or hand made. Something you have recently discovered  i.e. my bangs..or simply link up cuz you are super cool. I really love this idea of bringing everyone together, I know I know I'm like 10 years late on this, but for me this is brand new information haha...So link up your awesomeness and let's get this week started right.... You can slo check out the Thrifters Anonymous Page for some great thrifting ideas, money saving tips, and cook finds! Thanks again!

1. First become a follower of ColorBlind (So I know who you are) and place this button on your blog. I know, I l know, there are a lot of freaking buttons...but what button looks as dorky as this one AND holds the secrets to saving money and shopping...ok maybe there are a couple...anyway , Put this button on your blog or don't I won't delete you...I promise :O)

Thrifters Anonymous

2. Complete the form below. Put your name and title in the "Link Title" area, and a the link to the page you want everyone to go to! REMEMBER it does not have to be thrifted. Thrifted means something discounted, made, discovered to let us in on some of your secrets to making things, finding things on sale, or discovering a new invention i.e. fake lashes..get it?
3. Check out all of the amazing bloggers! So you can spend money on more important things like traveling with your amazing finds, a savings account for the future, or let's be real folks...MORE SHOPPING! Come back every week to see what everyone has to share!



  1. I love your necklace and it looks stunning with the outfit! Have a fantastic Monday, kisses

  2. I am in awe of your tech-savyness

    alas I do not know how to thrift...

    But I can't wait to hear everyone's tips!


  3. Thanks babe! Graet blouse and necklace. Im from Holland!

  4. I'm definitely still a thrifter-in-training... Although I've found a few fabulous pieces throughout my life, it's definitely not a regular thing for me (in spite of my best efforts!) I'm still trying, though, and when I do come upon something great, I am most definitely going to take part :D On a fashion-related note, I am absolutely in love with your necklace, and I love that you paired it with a white blouse to truly let it shine. Just gorgeous!!

  5. hi Shana,
    I had no idea that you were hosting a linky?! Thanks for letting me know - I just linked up. Have a great week! -diane

  6. what a great outfit, especially with those colorful necklaces!

  7. Your necklace is amazing! Great outfit.


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