Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm running out of ideas folks...

Day 27

Day 27

Day 27

Day 27

Day 27

Day 27
Shoes: Joey Thrifted Savers $10 (2010), Skirt: Kenar Marshalls (2008), Shirt: Vintage Thrifted Savers $3.50 (2010), Blazer: H&M (2009), Necklace: Gifted (Thank you Jolana I love it!!!), Earrings: H&M $3.75 (2011)
Well, I first want to apologize for the photos..not only did I forget my battery for my camera, but I was pissed and you could totally tell. Photographer Extraordinaire brought me back to a safe place haha and busted out her Iphone...yep..these pics were taken with her iphone. They are actually not that bad! I am however running out of outfits, and even more so, business professional outfits...I mean I need to be in suits everyday so I am definitely pushing the line here. I do love this necklace though!!! I got it for my birthday from Jolana my good friend and favorite make up artist, you can check out some of her work here, anyway It almost looks like a tie and I love the shade of green! Did I mention how excited I am to be done with this..yeah I know..I did.

I wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments...my linky share didn't work so great... If it wasn't for the lovely Amber it would be at 0 :O( Ok, I am going to start sharing some tricks to this thrifting and then in like one month I am going to post this linky share thingamob and there better be more people...I MEAN IT ! haha Thrifting does not mean, old, or dirty, or broken...it simply means finding things at a lower cost than you would normally and in my eyes a find! I mean a find can be $100 but if you feel like you discovered it make sit a find! While I love vintage I also love new...catching stores at the right time can be the most amazing thing..i.e.. me at H&M and all my recent finds..ok I am done yelling at you...haha sorry
Oh and can someone tell me why my veins look like they are gonna pop out of my skin eewww haha what the heck! ok, I am just glad this day is over :O)

Stay tuned as I will be sharing one of my secret products for my hair!! I'll give you a hint..it let's me not wash it for like 4 days...crap..now I just shared this with the world...anyway..it's pretty amazing and everyone should own it!

Ok now I am probably gonna break every blogger rule ever, but I want to keep this going, let's face it I am not used to this, I wish I had time to stop by at every blog there is and let them know how amazing they are and to visit, but I don't, so I am going to post this linky ALL WEEK! Yep...ALL WEEK it will be at the bottom of my posts...haha and thank you to Amber and Diane for being my only two partisipants ok, I am done pittying myself...Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Complete the form below. Put your name and title in the "Link Title" area, and a the link to the page you want everyone to go to! REMEMBER it does not have to be thrifted. Thrifted means something discounted, made, discovered to me...so let us in on some of your secrets to making things, finding things on sale, or discovering a new invention i.e. fake lashes..get it?
Check out all of the amazing bloggers! So you can spend money on more important things like traveling with your amazing finds, a savings account for the future, or let's be real folks...MORE SHOPPING! Come back every week to see what everyone has to share!

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  1. LOL...I laughed at your title before I even looked at your outfit. I canNOT believe you have come up with as many outfits as you have! You're amazing! And, by the way, I reeeally love today's outfit. I think it's super cute! And not in a "end of 30 for 30" kind of way. It looks like it could be a "beginning" outfit. lol Keep it up! You're almost there! (P.S. my "word verification" word for today in order to post my comment is "wines" YAY! haha)

  2. your neckless and your jacket are great!!

    xx, Sabinna and David


  3. Shana! I am going to link up but I have to post pics of my finds and I haven't done that yet (two little kids, full time work from home job, etc) but I do have some AWESOME finds (a Coach bag for Hannah (4) and a Louis Vuitton bag for Maddie (2)). I thought it would be funny to get them them first designer bags (probably fake) but at $4.99 each from Savers, how could I NOT??? Anyhow, I think I probably just posted my whole blog in the comment section but I will post it with pics and link it up today, promise!!!!

  4. you look great ! x


  5. Great outfit and you look stunning as usual!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  6. I love your blazer! It's so unique and cute!

  7. That jacket is really great and look amazing with the top:) Enjoy your day, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  8. I LOVE your mix of stripes and florals in this outfit! That skirt is really great too! I felt like I was running out of ideas during the 30 for 30. It can be really frustrating but I know you can do it!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. Love your blog and style!! you are beautiful !



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