Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Electric Blue Vintage

Electric Blue Vintage

Electric Blue Vintage

Electric Blue Vintage

Electric Blue Vintage


Shoes: Guess Marshalls, $24.99,Pants: NY&Co Thrifted Savers, $3.50 Jacket: Nordstroms Vintage Thrifted $5, Tank: Marshall's, Necklace: Gifted by my Grandpa
So sorry, once again I have run out of time in my day. Between the weather, Elizabeth Taylor, and the excruciating pain I receive once a month, I am spent folks. On the other hand, I couldn't wait to wear this beautiful electric blue, old vintage Nordstroms Jacket I picked up. I really liked the crest on the pocket as well. The necklace was given to me by my grandpa a long time ago, when I thought gold was tacky. Now I love this gold plated Pesos encrusted goodness. I love my papa, I should have known he had good taste! These pants are also my fav. They were super short when I bought them at Savers so I took them to the Indoor Swap meet here in Vegas and got them lengthened for $5. So that makes the pants total $8.50! Yeah, I can't even walk into NY&Co without spending at least $ if you ever find that pants are too short..which I often do..just take them to your local seamstress!

One thing about thrifting you must remember, is that size doesn't matter..isn't that great! and I mean this...whether you are small, big, petite...things have been shrunken...or just made in the 60's when size 6 was a size 12. So if you spot something you love hold on to it and remember that you can hem it or lengthen it!

Ok, I must go to bed now. I promise to do a recap of my 30x30, visit my fellow bloggers, and begin posting on a regular basis. How do you guys find time to do this?!! I have so much respect for all of you out there who are so consistent..I aspire to be you some day,until then, I will be unreliable, non-consistent, and often rambling Shana@ColorBlind. Thank you for tuning in!




  1. love the vibrant colours =0 and I am huge fan of your style!
    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. i love this outfit, simple yet so chic! and the jacket is great! if you've looked at my blog lately, it's the color blue that i've been obsessed with lately lol.


  3. loveee the blazer! such a great pop of color :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. Oh my goodness I love that blue on you!!

  5. this outfit is so cute! And you are gorgeous!


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