Watch out Kardashians...









Dress: H&M ($7), Earrings: F21 ($4.50), Tights: Marshalls $1, Shoes: Joey (Thrifted) $10, Nail Polish: Indoor Swap meet ($1)

Can I just tell you how much fun I had in this dress, seriously, I felt like a Kardashian...and I think they are gorgeous..and thank you Kim for helping me embrace my bum :O) Husband also thought I looked hot, which always helps. YAY for DAY 5!!! And thank you to my dear friend Edwina for being my photographer extraordinaire!


Rissy :

I wanted that dress so bad looking at your pics and now I NEED it because it was $7.
The earrings are the highlight for me.

Lindsey :

I'm so glad you share my love for the Kardashians! I want to be them! :)

Looking fab girlie, keep it up!

xo, Lindsey

Dawnya :

LOVE the nail polish. I have a similar color. I WISH I had been a spectator in the parking lot when you two were doing this photo shoot. lol

Mommyblogger :

You look amazing in that dress!!!

Shana :

Thank you ladies! It was such a great deal and I am excited it is part of my 30x30 challenge because I have never worn it!!!

edwina702 :

Who looks that hot for $7?! Your Freakum Dress was a nice change of pace from layering colors. Can't wait to see tomorrow! Will you wow us with a $5 fit?

kileen :

wow, this dress looks smoking hot on you and does channel a Kardashian vibe. and the turquoise earrings totally have it in for me. :)

cute and little
come check out the color brigade!

meghan :

Hey Shana! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I am having so much fun. And yes, it's nice that there really aren't that many rules!

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