Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sailor Spotted

Day 11






Pants: BCBG 4 yrs old, Shoes: BCBG Generation 4yrs old, Shirt: JCrew Thrifted Savers $2.50, Chopstick: China Town Epcot Center
I am so exhausted! Is anyone else just super tired or is just me in this 31 year old body :O( Today was pretty hilarious...we decided to go for a coffee trip to get us amped for the afternoon, we sit down with our drinks and begin discussing our plan to know the plan I am talking about..the plan that entails you running in your bikini..that is my goal in case you didn't is like the ultimate exposure..I mean can you imagine running in Your bikini...? haha well maybe you guys..everyone is so small and petite..Gigantor over here has to work out and eat chicken and beans to get there...ok sorry I am rambling...back to the coffee break. We are sitting and talking and BAM a man's junk is sculpted right in front of our face. Spandex pants literally sculpting this mans I know...I really shouldn't be talking about it..but I have to make sure it doesn't happen again..To top it all off..literally...he was wearing a small tee showing off his belly button. ugghhh the worst part is we were talking about working out so there was nothing funny about it..and I just busted up...and then my friend started laughing and it was a mess...haha anyway...I would have taken a picture but it was way to close for comfort! so men..please don't wear spandex pants to local restaurants and/or coffee shops...You are not dancing...nor are you working out in these COVER YOUR JUNK...When I can see the shape it is not a good thing..we called it know...similar to camel toe haha oh camel toe...ok enough with this post...I am sure I have created a visual you are not pleased with ..hopefully you are not eating..haha.

Anyway, I hope the rest of the week supplies me with much needed energy and inspiration for more fun outfits and lots o'work!


  1. YEA!!! The red shoes! I LOVE this outfit!

    And what's wrong with that man's junk? It gave you much entertainment! And in my book, if it gives me a funny story, it's TOTALLY worth it!

  2. oh no! man junk and coffee do not mix.

    I want to find a shirt as amazing as that for 2.50. Seriously!

    GOOD LUCK on your bikini mission. I think we are drinking the same Kool-Aid

  3. * You're hilarious.
    * Love the top with the red shoes.
    * You should be a hairdresser... unless you already are... then you should keep doing it. :)

  4. Your outfit is so cute & I love your red shoes. I had to lol at your man junk story!

  5. That shirt is amazing (x_x I can't believe it was only $2.50...That's a steal right there!)

    Castle Fashion

  6. what a lovely shirt! and thanks, i'm following you too =)


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