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Shoes: Joey Thrifted $10 (2010), Tights: Marshalls $1 (2010), Skirt: Vintage (80's)Thrifted $2.50 (2010), Shirt: H&M $7 (2010), Cardigan: H&M Thrifted $2.50 (2009), Necklace: Kohls $2 (2010), Belt: Bettie Page (2008), Purse: Vintage Thrifted $3 (2009), Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg $125 Originally $525 (2008)
Well folks..I am inspired...I am inspired that you are inspired, which in turn inspires me..See, after my mom passed away, I think a little piece of me passed away with her. I know, I know, she is here with me, my sister, my dad..but honestly. She's not...she isn't here to see how much my sister has grown into this intelligent women, or my dad become this successfully, handsome radio host..which by the must check out his radio show Community Speaks if you are here in LV..and if you are not you can listen RIGHT HERE. Anyway, about a year and half ago I promised myself I would only do things that inspired me. I thought it would be easy since I knew what inspired me already..until I realized that there are so many things that can affect how you live your life. So I thought I would share with you what I have learned about myself and what inspires are just a few...
  1. Family:The obvious choice right? well, I am always asked why I haven't left Las Vegas, why I never really pushed to move away for college..I usually joke and say my mom wouldn't let me live across the street let alone in another state. But it took me 30 years to realize that I didn't want to leave, because my family inspires me. I see my dad everyday at work..and I can't imagine it any other way..I see my sister at least once a week if not 4 or 5...They are my air...I feel like I can exhale after I am with them..husband is my family too..but I see him more...though our date nights make it even more special. I need my family for everything...maybe it isn't always good since I can't even make a decision without consulting my dad...but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way...
  2. Clothes:I never thought to push my wardrobe, since I put myself in a "You have a big feet, too tall, olive skin, muscular thighs, business appropriate" category. Why have I been telling myself I can't do things for so long? It's like I have been putting myself down for most of my life. I found out that it wasn't others who said I was too big to wear something, it was ME. So I told myself to take a hike, and VOILA! I like the new Shana, she let's me wear anything I want..even if someone else told me not too :O) ok I will stop talking in third person. haha
  3. Fitness:Who would have thought dressing up to feel sexy could change your life in so many ways! I never wanted to seem better than anyone, but when I changed #2, I was able to realize #3 that working out was a part of my life, and I wanted to be healthy, but not only from the inside, I wanted to look as strong as I know what I mean..I'm not back to my old ballet self..but I have never felt better..WHY? because I stopped telling myself that I needed to be a certain way..I just started living everyday telling myself, I am this way. It made it a lot easier...because if I was happy with who I was..I knew that I wasn't trying to be something I could never be! Voila! My goal was much more realistic and attainable...haha I mean..If my goal is to be me..then I have already won! #2 makes me want to eat better and workout..which in turn is what I like doing, who would have thunk it!
  4. Dinner:Growing up, we always had dinner together. ALWAYS! It didn't matter what we were doing...we had to be home at 6pm and eat dinner together. Talk about our dreams, life, whatever..well then I moved out..went to college..and what the heck happened to dinner? It became..."I'm too tired to cook, let's just make a sandwich and watch t.v." I never realized how much it affected me...until I got married and realized how important it was to sit down together at the end of the tv..and eat dinner. Husband inspires me...we talk about our dreams, life...and then I go and watch t.v. (you didn't think I was gonna give up everything did you?)
  5. Music:Ok so my family has always inspired me, but together we are pretty talented, I'm not gonna lie. I started playing piano with my sister at age 7 and started playing the viola at age 11. I played for many years even playing in the youth symphony...and then..I stopped...WHY!!!! I get so angry when I think about how great I could be...or just how much I miss playing. Music inspires me in a way that I can not even explain. Playing music, dancing to music, working out to music. I didn't realize I needed music in my life until I stopped playing it. Music is literally theme music for your life, and if I am not performing I am not complete. So my dad started a band...haha yep...he is pretty serious about it...he told me I had to audition...after I laughed, I then rushed to the music store to get my strings checked out on my viola...I haven't been this excited in a long time. We are looking to record our first song this summer...haven't thought of a name for the band..but definitely keep a look out hahaha
Have a wonderful weekend! and thank you to all who have inspired me..I hope that I can do the same for you :O)

Don't forget to link up any secrets you may have to helping all of us save some money and get creative! Remember it doesn''t have to be clothing and it doesn't have to be from a thrift store, it just needs to be on SALE, or possibly a secret to saving a few dollars!



  1. Cute outfit and love the bright red and blue (they go well together)

  2. Love this. It's what Red Hat Society ladies would wear if they were young and hip. (That kinda makes them sound old and un-hip... when I actually think they're fun and cute... But I didn't want you to misinterpret my comment. Feel free to ignore my ramblings now that I no longer make any sense.)

    Also wanted to say that I play piano and violin. Yay for music!

  3. you look so pretty!
    love the outfit, so chic and colourful,
    lovely blog...

  4. i love the color combo! can't wait to read rest of your blog!
    xoxo, ayan


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