Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Pretty

Day 13




Day 12


Shoes: Guess Marshalls $24.99, Jeans: F21 Thrifted $4, Shirt: H&M $7, Cardigan: AnnTaaylor Loft Thrifted $3.50, Jacket: Steve and Barry's Thrifted $5, Purse: Prada Downtown LA $10, Belt: Thrifted $1, Pearls: F21 $1.50

YAY! It is Saturday, and I have officially done nothing all day...officially...I am a little under the weather so this 3 day weekend has really helped me get my energy back. We are going to a small concert tonight where 12 Volt Sex is reuniting for one night at The Beauty Bar. Most people don't know who they are but my friend Jennifer and I have been stalking following them since were 16 and this is pretty amazing, considering my friend jenn is 9 months prego...we are committed haha.

Isn't it weird how some days you wake up and you are just not feeling very pretty and things don't seem to be coming together. Your hair isn't working and you just want to start all over again? Let's not talk about those days. I love the days where your hair just works and your outfit comes together without even trying. The best part is everyone notices, and then you start to realize that when you feel pretty, you feel confident and it can change your day and your mood. I'm not gonna lie it definitely helps when husband says I look pretty too.

Our clothes, our hair, our shoes can really affect us. Just the right color combination and a pair of heels can make you feel sexy. It can take you from down in the dumps to happy and confident.

I think everyone should own a pair of heels, even if you don't always wear them, you should own at least one pair...I promise you will feel pretty...just don't wear them for too long or your toes will go numb.

I am sure you all have a pair of shoes that make you feel pretty or sexy, tell me what they are and then tell us where you got them? 
The ones I am wearing are Guess and are from Marshalls I heart them
CHECK OUT Lauren's new shoes at LuxLucy
I NEED THEM!!!no shopping for 30 days I know I know...crap
Have a wonderful Saturday, and as promised I will have my thrifting series up tomorrow to get you ready for SAVERS on Monday! or any other store you may be going to.


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous and I was shocked to see that your cardigan and coat were thrifted. They are beaufitul finds!!

  2. I love those nude pumps! I need a pair of those...but I'm doing the remix as well so I guess I'll have to wait at least until March. :) I love that you thrifted so many of these great pieces! I love thrifting too.


  3. hi, i like that flowery top :)sweet!
    im following you, follow me back please:)

  4. you do look pretty! and I completely agree about the heels... I feel so much better every time I slip into a pair

  5. That's my fave look so far! I want those SHOES, LOVE Marshalls! You did look gorgeous, love the soft makeup and fabulous hair!

  6. No shopping for thirty days? You're a brave girl, but you certainly seem to be making the best of it! I love your floral cardi, and your hair looks amazing- but I have to say, I've noticed that it always does (and I am enormously jealous :D). I don't know if I could pinpoint one pair of fabulous feel-good shoes... but I do have a pair of glittery gold peeptoes that are my go-to when I want to make an outfit more exciting.

  7. Your gorgeous hair makes me miss my long hair!!! Great outfit, I am a total sucker for florals :)

    Thanks for the shout out, don't worry I am sure the shoes will be available after your 30 day shopping hiatus ;)

  8. Thank you ladies! Cee, yes no shopping..I thought it would be easy..not so much..and Lauren...I do love my hair...but washing it and actually drying it takes up so much time!!!

  9. i like your outfit a lot, and agree that heels are a must! my favorite pair is red plaid and from dsw =)


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