Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Del Scorcho



Husband is wearing: Hat: Mine Thrifted $.99, Shirt: Gap Thrifted $3, Tie: Mens Warehouse $10
Some people love candlelight dinners, some love chocolate, I on the other hand...love wine, Del Taco Spicy Chicken Burritos with Del Scorcho hot sauce, and walking through Ross and Walmart on this day of love. I have never been a fan of Valentines day...not that I don' t like to celebrate it... I used to get a piercing every year..haha on my ears..and my belly..I'm not that courageous! Anyway, Saturday night we went to Boulder City which is about 45 min. from home and went to a wine bar...we snacked on some cheese and then went to the brewery in Boulder to listen to a blues band...it was a great night, not necessarily Valentines night but a good date night if you will.

When I came home tonight (Valentines Day) this bear (Thrifted from the office :O) ) was sitting on the counter with this home made card..it was a picture of when husband proposed to me on the top of Mt. Haleakala in Maui, wasn't that sweet? he then told me to get in the car because he was taking me to dinner! When I saw him pull into the Del Taco parking lot I squealed! I don't eat fast food, and I rarely eat burritos...but this my friends..is worth the workout I will be doing tomorrow night. Topped with Del Scorcho...ughhhh no candle light dinner can beat it..and they are on sale right now! haha 2 for $4, he then drove up to Ross and Walmart, and we walked around and looked at all of the deals...don't worry I didn't go shopping...who would have thought no shopping for 30 days would be this difficult! I did get an US magazine though. Hope your Valentines Day was filled with things you love or at least some Del Scorcho :O)

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. that sounds like a perfect day. You guys really made it yours and that makes me smile.

  2. that sounds like a pretty sweet date to me! i love mexican food :) glad you two had fun! xoxo jcd

  3. If I could marry Del Scorcho, I would. Great post, Shana! (And great job, Adam!)

  4. awww, what a sweet husband! sounds like the perfect night and the homemade card is so touching.

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  5. It sounds like you and your hubby hard a great time!

    Also, I want to thank you for leaving my such sweet comment s on my blog! Thank you!


  6. That sounds really fun. It must have been hard to walk through, and not buy anything.
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