Monday, February 28, 2011

Casual Military

Day 17



Day 17
Jeans: F21 Thrifted $4, Shoes: Banana Republic $10 (2011), Shirt: Old Navy(2010), Jacket:Denim & Co Thrifted $4.50 (2010), Belt: Thrifted $2.50 (2010), Bracelet: H&M Gifted (2011), Earrings: Soooo old!
As you can see I am indoors...I have been so freaking busy, I barely had time to take pictures...I know most of the 30x30 crew are about done, but I will still be posting...ahh well...

Weekend Wrap Up:
  • Friday night was spent finishing up some amazing crafts and gifts we made for our dear friends baby shower's. Yes, I meant to make that plural..we had two baby showers this weekend! These are the baskets we made! I will do another DIY post on how you can make a diaper basket filled with amazing finds and necessities for under $50! So many amazing babies in our lives

  • One of my best friends had her baby on Friday, and I have been so busy I haven't even met her!! I can't wait...her mama makes pretty babies..that would be 4 babies that have entered my life in the past year...a total of 10 babies amongst all of my the universe trying to send me a message?
  • Body By Ken was amazing again..he really has stepped it up since we started. He had us doing some crazy chest tracks..but I must say I busted out 10 MEN push ups at an incline after a 30 minute interval on the stair followed by some super sets! I can't wait to show you guys some of the moves we have been doing..I promise I will post are gonna love what these do to those body parts you want to look good in your swimsuit, dress, or just tank top!
  • Husband and I had a date night and were invited by some great friends to check out the UNLV Rebel game...Vegas isn't exactly well known for any sports teams, but our REBEL'S have been kicking some butt and the game was awesome! I was reminded how old I was though after seeing all of the fraternity and sorority girls walking by...I was in Delta Zeta and we just loved going to the games! After the game we went to this amazing Thai restaurant we stumbled upon, there was a wedding inside, a bar fight, and husband almost vomited from his spicy curry dish. He asked for a 7 (1-10) haha he then followed that up by a stop at Krispy Kremes for 3 doughnuts...let's just say..on our way home..he threw up in his mouth, it was super sexy haha :O)
Don't forget to link up any secrets you may have to helping all of us save some money and get creative! Remember it doesn''t have to be clothing and it doesn't have to be from a thrift store, it just needs to be on SALE, or possibly a secret to saving a few dollars!



  1. Love the jacket and those heels. Pretty much every outfit of yours is my favorite.

    I feel so embarrassed for getting your name wrong. So, so sorry!

  2. love the jacket - looks so classy and the pop of yellow just completes the whole outfit!

  3. love that jacket! so cute!! xoxo jcd

  4. That jacket fits you perfectly! And those heels are awesome! Can't believe they're only $10?

  5. That jacket is fantastic on you! I adore the yellow ruffles underneath it too and I'm totally in love with the shoes. You look great!

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