Monday, January 24, 2011

New Header, New Earrings Giveaway!

Ok, I have committed the ultimate blogger crime...and I haven't even been doing this for that long. So today was the last day of the giveaway and here I am with no winner. Why? you ask...because I accidentally deleted the comments from the giveaway...or at least ones from a certain I am here to say " I AM SORRY TO ALL WHO LEFT ME COMMENTS...and I feel so bad..I mean like really bad...who does a giveaway and then deletes everyones chances to win? who you ask? ME IT was ME..and not because I secretly started to change my mind and wanted them for myself...haha but because I have been working way to much and blogging actually takes some time and I was half asleep when I accidentally did it..I know I know no excused. So here is what I am going to do to make it up to you. Not only will you get these earrings?

BUT you will get a special somethin somethin from my closet...something thrifted...of my choosing and will be announced when the winner is ACTUAL winner...haha I really started the giveaway to see what everyone thought of my header choices and to get everyones if you got erased please leave another comment!!! So now I announce the giveaway again and here it goes...I actually added a different header in the mix....eventhough there are only a handful of friends reading...I am really loving this! and I promise when I can get some decent pics I will post my 30x30 challenge photos I should have some time this weekend!

Now on to the giveaway!







To Enter

Become a follower of ColorBlind and leave your comment telling me which header is your favorite and why? I thank you in advance

For Extra Entries
Follow me on Twitter
Blog or tweet about the giveaway and header ({Make sure to leave a comment that you did so}

{Just make sure to include the links in separate comments so that each one is its own}

Thanks friends...and again I am sorry but I will make it up to you with your super surprise thrifted amazingness :O)

The WINNER will be announced next Friday February 11, 2011 so don't forget to check back to see the winner! and I promise I won't erase you....:O)

Why am I doing this giveaway?

Ok, so I am really liking this blogging thing and I am obsessed with trying to figure out html code and creating a unique page. I am far from being done, but I was playing around with the header and was hoping to get everyone's opinion, that's you...I chose the title "ColorBlind" because I feel like I lived 30 years without color, on my walls, my body, my work...I also love these shots of my husband and I that we took for an Anti-Workshop with AltF. On a side note, I love him, his eye, his vision, I was featured on the Today Show Segment “TRASH THE DRESS” BRIDES GET DOWN & DIRTY IN THEIR WEDDING GOWNS" Though he is less on the trashing and more on the art. If you check out his site, you will see me flying! It was an awesome experience! You can can also check out his blog!

Ok back to my header. I need your help in choosing the best one from above(1-6), So here is some incentive,remember these earrings from an old fashion post? ok, so you help me choose a header you get these earrings! How does that sound? This is my first giveaway, but I got so many compliments on the earrings and I thought I would share them and see how you would style them! I also really wanted to hear everyones opinions...real bloggers, I am certainly not a graphic artist, nor do I have photo shop or any shop for that matter! haha So your help is much appreciated!




  1. I just became a follower and my favorite is 3 and a close second is 4! :) The pictures are fabulous. Cute blog! I'd love to win!


  2. Hey girl! I just found your blog through TheDaybook, and wanted to let you know how much I love it! You are absolutely adorable, and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

    As far as the headers go, number 3 is definitely my favorite! Beautiful!

    I am just starting up my blog, but I would love it if you would stop by and leave any advice you may have! xo


  3. just tweeted! love those earrings! :) xoxo jcd

  4. I really like either #3 or #4. All the shots are gorgeous though.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I am now a follower and I really adore shot number 4. I think that is such a unique shot! I see why everyone is saying 3 though because of the symbolic meaning with color. My two sense would be that 4 is the best photography wise, but perhaps 3 has the best connotation for your blog.

    I hope I made sense here!Looking forward to watching your blog grow.

  6. Yeah comments were deleted. This is my comment about how I "liked" you on Facebook. :)

  7. This is my comment on your blog post and how I feel the picture in color is the best one! :)

  8. This is my comment letting you know that I featured you in MY blog! :)

  9. haha SORRY! I Will be extending this giveaway along with another thrifty find cuz I feel bad that I am so silly and deleted all comments!!! Please leave them !! Thank you!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Number #5 is the one! Loving your give away. I need those earrings stat! ;)

  12. Number 3 is still my fave! Love it! :)

  13. I love #6 for the header it seems perfect for the title. I dont want the giveaway, just wanted to put my vote in for the header pic :) Cute blog ~

  14. Shots 1 & 6 are my favorite! I haven't been blogging myself and I've still got a standard page. I should really work on that!

  15. So my original pick was #4.
    It's still my favorite...
    And yet, I'm also totally in love with #2 (is that one new?) And I've always liked #6.
    Like how unhelpful I am? :)

  16. I guess I didn't specify which one I liked. I like #3 because I like the transition from black and white into color. :)


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