Thursday, January 27, 2011

III'mmmm Tttthhhirrrttyyyy ooonneeee!!!!

Dress: Savers $6, Hat:Savers $5

That's right folks...I know I were thinking "Oh it's her birthday she must be 25!" haha you are too kind...nope...I'm 31. and let's just say...I am actually feeling really good about it! I had so many friends on facebook send their love and I am so grateful for everyone in my life!  I share this special day with my dad and I love every second of it. We hung out on Saturday with family and friends and Sunday morning I threw myself a "Fancy Hat Brunch" at the Veranda room at the Four Seasons! It was fancy, fabulous and I was so blessed to have all of my family and friends (ladies) with me! More pictures to come, but for now I wanted to share a special letter I got the morning of my birthday from this handsome hubby

Happy Birthday Shana!!

31... Yep, you’re a year older. As a kid, we used to clamor for this day, I’m 5! I’m 6! I’m 10!!! Today, it isn’t quite the same feeling, it’s that subtle reminder that life is finite and we’re that much closer to running out of grains of sand.

Well I say we buck those thoughts, throw them right out the window and instead shout from the rooftops, “IIIII’MMMMM .....TTTTHHHHIRRRRRTTTTYYYY.......... OOOOONNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!”

Our birthday’s are a celebration of the past years accomplishments and the possibilities of the coming year yet to be realized. Think of all that you have done this past year. A blog about fashion! Craftiness and refurbishing! Four years of marriage! A trip to Seattle! A trip to Alaska! Staycation! Fitness Workouts Galore! Mary Zambrado! Cynthia Thomas! Alien Girl! A new furry member of the Kilhan family! Sister Nights! Family Fun Cruise! New Kids on the Block! And think of what you’ll do this next year! New adventures! New friends! New films! New cities! New clothes! Old clothes that are new to you!

So, say it proud, say it loud, “I’M THIRTY ONE!”

Love always,
Adam “Your biggest fan” Kilbourn J

{I melted for a second, then I ran downstairs to give him a hug and a kiss, and thank him for being my partner on this journey}

I am a proud 31 year old!! haha

Love you ladies! And don't forget to enter my really small giveaway for my favorite earrings! (before I change my mind! J/k
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THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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