The Frozen Chosen: Take Two



Scarf:Gifted, Long Sleeve Under Shirt:BCBG(thrifted) $3.00, Button Down:Gap (thrifted) $2.50, Jeans:Tilley's, Belt:H&M$6.50, Jacket:OldNavy

While in Alaska during Christmas time we took one day to relax and get out of the house. The bad part was with only Fred Myers,Home Depot and Lowes, shopping was going to be difficult..until!!! Wait for it....the new OLD NAVY was built! hahaha I really didn't need to shop but let's just say I was super excited..and so was the hubby. he got a new jacket and I got some cute tops! It made for a nice outing..still freezing...but nice...


Rissy :

wow Alaska?! how cool. Thanks for following me! I'm your newest follower.

Jillian :

i love your scarf! how long were you in alaska for? do you have family there? xoxo jcd

Shana :

@rissy:my husband was born in Fairbanks, Alaska it's cool for about 2days then it's just ridiculously cold! Haha I love it though, real snow, moose! Thank you for the follow!

@Jillian thanks! I was ther for a week! And yes my hubby's family lives there!

Thanks Lauren!

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