Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Sunday

Last night we went to Petes Piano Bar at Town Square for our good friend Jolana's 30th. I am happy that all of my friends are entering into this world of exhaustion, hurting bones, and unusual feelings. Petes is always a good time, but Adam and I wanted to drink some wine and hang out outside before we went in. Yeah, bad idea..I wish I had a picture of the sweat all over my face and back of my neck from attempting to relax on a bench, which I later got stuck to by the suction of my legs...hahaha I was born here and this heat is RIDICULOUS...anyway, I wore this dress I found at Marshall's. I love me some Marshall's, but when you shop in thrift stores it is hard to pay more than $10 for anything, so I shop the sale racks. This was 12.99 at Marshall's. I wish you could feel it, so comfy and it has POCKETS! I've decided that anything that has pockets must be purchased!

I washed my hair folks, only to put in a ponytail shortly after the meltdown on the bench. The earrings I wore were a gift from a friend in Orange County who is super crafty like me and made them by hand. I was so excited to get these I've been wearing them with everything. Oh and sorry about the horrible picture quality, and the random white dots that are on my face haha.

I am wearing:
Dress: Eye Candy
Shoes: Guess by Marciano
Earrings: Hand Made
Bracelets: H&M

This has been so much fun for me, thank you to everyone for sharing this with me, I have never been so excited for all of my finds, I think I am going to continue doing this 4 EVAAAAAAAA! Thank you again for all of your comments You ladies are all so creative and beautiful I can't wait to continue getting to know everyone!
*** Hopefully I will be able to post all of my creative projects around the house, as I am noticing there are a lot of you that share the same creativity as I, and I could use all the advice I can get. Thank you in advance! ***
Check out the rest of the ladies on the last day of Fashion Week!



  1. I am head over heels for anything with pockets. Dresses, rompers, you name it--if it has pockets I probably want (NEED) it. This outfit is fab, I am very impressed with your friend's craftiness--I love the earrings!
    I think I am going to keep up with daily outfit photos too--I may have become addicted over this past week :)

    PS- Thanks for the comment, it definitely made me smile!

  2. I am also in love with pockets. Especially skirts with pockets.

    I'll be watching for more crafty posts! I have a dress to make that I was hoping to finish in time for fashion week, but alas, it will have to wait.

    Lovely to meet you here in the blogsphere.

  3. Dresses with pockets are awesome. You look very cute. :)


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