Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend wrap up:

What a busy weekend! I am so glad that I have someone like my husband to share all the many adventures with. The week was tough but a good one and I was ready for Friday! Our first adventure was a thrifty one. Yes I know, I still have projects that I have not yet begun or finished, but when you see a deal you must jump on it!

We decided we would take the puppies ( for those if you who don't know the puppies are 2 1/2 years old, I still see them as puppies even though they weigh over 70 lbs) along for the ride! They were really excited.

Sampson & Sophie

These chairs with ottoman were our first stop! Adam really wanted a reading chair for the office so that he could get away and read in peace. I plan on re-upholstering these babies not sure what fabric yet, but I will let Adam choose the fabric for his chair, might be dangerous :O)

We were then off once again and picked up these lovely wing back chairs.My vision for these chairs have been long overdue. I can't wait to make these puppies white and set them up on the kitchen!

After our finds we had to rush home and prepare for our head shots. I can't tell you how nervous I was. Not only did I feel honored once again to be working with but Dalisa and John have become great friends and I just admire their spirit and creativity. It seems that every time I am around them I am inspired! These two are not only amazing photographers and visionaries, but they truly live where they work and breathe their passion every second of everyday. Can you imagine that? Thank you John and Dalisa for always inspiring me and making me feel beautiful.

JMC and DC

Prior to arriving at the studio I went to one of my dearest friends house, Jolana Adamson. Not only is she an amazing singer and mother, but she is a makeup artist and makes me look flawless every time! IF you are ever looking for a make up artist you must go to jolana! Check out her website she does everything from weddings to movie stars! THANK YOU JOLANA!I also got to play with her daughter Teah who is just adorable. We chatted ( she is 1) while we I was there.
So I got to ALTF's amazing studio and this is the dressing room! One of my best friends Edwina was also there for me giving me the confidence I needed while getting ready. Thank you Edwina! I must also say my sister helped me get my nerves in check before I got there as well.

I will post the headshots soon!
After head shots we then drove to my best friend Jennifer Wikler's house for drinks and dessert, though I think we ate more than just dessert :O) We had a great time, we always do with the Wikler's, until Adam fell asleep whilst we were talking, haha.

The pics below were taken a couple of weeks ago at the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT! I have been waiting over 15 years to see these monkey's. I was so excited and they were amazing, seriously...

So on Saturday we recovered, cleaned and got ready for dinner at Mahesh's and Mamtu's house! WE just love getting together with these two! They are Indian and cook the most amazing Indian food ever! I am always trying to steal spices and recipes from them. I wish I had taken a picture of the food. I am getting better with this blogging thing, I am actually really liking it. It helps me re-live everything and realize how much fun we really have. Anyway,
Sunday rolled around rather quickly and we joined Eric and Kimberly Miles! Adam has known Eric for sometime but I had only met Kimberly one time before, and we love them! We just clicked and had such a good time. They invited us to the Verandah Room!
If you have not been there, GO! It is so amazing! We felt like we were on vacation!
Did I mention I love my new plaid ray bans! Thanks Sister!

Kimberly and I

Adam and Eric

The Pool

Now this is the weather before 3pm. I didn't have a picture of the black cloud that quickly covered the entire city. It was about 55 degrees and began raining as we walked out...haha we were FREEZING! haha
After the pool we went to Danny Tarkanians meet and greet. I was not thrilled but I am glad I went. I agree with a lot of his thoughts on health care and our city, I am re-thinking my vote.


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