Friday, September 26, 2008


Well Hello, I am finally publishing the blog. Most of you know I have spent the past months putting our high school reunion together with close friends and have recently discovered the "blog world" through friends from high school. It is definitely enough to make you wanna pass judgement and wonder how everyone has time to keep these things updated, seeing as I just uploaded our wedding photos about 2 weeks ago. I was married September 10, 2006...yeah..I know. And we wonder why everyone isn't getting any work done!

Regardless, our family has been on somewhat of a journey these past few years and I guess I find myself ready to talk...vent...and just clear my head. I recently spoke with a close friend of mine about life, and we both came to the conclusion that in order to be truly happy you have to be alone...or was it that in order to be happy you had to go through really bad things and wake up and realize that all you have are those things that make you so unhappy... I miss my friends, my family, I miss my mom.

This blog will really be a way to let everyone know how we are doing, remembering my mother with stories and laughs, and lots of pictures for my Alaska Mom and Dad and Grandma! I am so busy and I know how much they want to see pictures and hear how our life here in LV is...I thought what a better way to share then to blog..thus I have entered the world..alongside good friends, skeptics, and the rest who just have nothing better to do :O)

Love you all,

Shana "ready for 2009" Kilbourn (Dahan--- I just can't let go of the name :O)


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